3.0.5 (2018-12-12)

  • bug fix: launchy may crash on restart while option dialaog is open
  • use pip to manage python package
  • network proxy setting
  • update check and new version notify
  • add “run as admin” in verby
  • new plugin PyDiryPy, it is ported from pylaunchy

3.0.4 (2018-11-30)

  • fix display problem in 4k hidpi (issue #2)
  • in portable mode, put ini file in config folder, I think it is more tidy this way
  • fix a bug in input text parsing
  • add “restart launchy” to tray menu
  • add python plugin configuration file “” in “launchy/python”, this file is optional and loaded before all python plugins
  • new plugin in python, WebSearchPy, it is ported from Thruster


  • built-in python support (write plugin in python)
  • tasky plugin works now
  • option dialog use fusion style from qt
  • fix display bug in alternative list caused by different icon size
  • fix “hide when lost focus” fails when focus is on alternative list
  • put all plugin in each standalone folder (doing this to prepare for build-in python script integration)
  • pack additional vcredist file (just in case that you do not want to download and install vcredist2015)
  • change skin name (hDPI -> HiDPI)

To python plugin developers:

  • write plugin in python is more like a preview feature, not all launchy interface is ported to python, and I will keep working on this part to provide a better and more comprehensive support.
  • I rarely develop in python, and I just learned the basics of python, so I need suggestions and advices about python. If you have any idea or I did something wrong, go ahead and post an issue.
  • If you need extra lanchy interface exposed to python, post an issue.


  • Verby plugin works now
  • Calcy plugin can convert among octal decimal hexadecimal, this works when input has a trailing equal symbol, try following input: 035= , 35= , 0x35=
  • add skins for high DPI, this may help in 2k or 4k display (Issue #1)
  • pack additional qt dll (Issue #1)
  • fix bug in key bindings


  • tray icon show message while starting second instance
  • write log file in sytem temp folder, log could be turn off in option dialog
  • use launchy.dll for plugin shared class types
  • calcy plugin works now
  • fix minor bugs
  • refine code structure for future development


  • Qt5.11.1, It’s 2018 now, migrated to Qt higher version.
  • non-boost dependency, C++11 supports sharedptr, and I’m trying to get Launchy out of boost library.
  • whole new hotkey implemetation, the hotkey did not work, I tried hard to fix it, but it still failed, so I write a new one.